Water Ionizer Cleaning Service

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Water Ionizers can get mineral build up on the ionization plates when they are used primarily to produce alkaline water over extended periods of time. This can result in the machine no longer producing a strong ORP, and even having a difficult time producing high pH water.

If this is the case, a deep cleaning process will undo the mineral build up on the electrode plates and restore your machine to its original capabilities. See below for a simple way to tell if your machine needs cleaning.

Professional Cleaning Service of your Ionizer

We will do a deep cleaning of water hardness mineral scale from the inside of your ionizer to return it to peak operating efficiency as well as performing a complete check of operation of your machine including: pH check, flow rate, leaks, filter cushions/seals and detail cleaning of the chassis.

Details of Service:

  • deep cleaning of water hardness mineral scale from the electrode plates
  • a complete check of operation of your machine
  • pH check
  • flow rate
  • check for leaks
  • check filter cushions/seals
  • detailed cleaning of chassis

Shipping: You pay to send your machine to us. (Please use a service that includes tracking and appropriate insurance.) We will pay shipping costs to return the unit to you.

Every water ionizer requires maintenance in order to keep peak efficiency regardless what brand or model. Even machines that have a self-cleaning feature will still benefit from a professional electrode cleaning on a regular basis to remove all mineral deposits from the ionization plates.

How to tell if your ionizer needs service?

The best way to determine is to do a simple visual test.

Turn your water ionizer on and fill a clear glass with water from the ionizer. High ORP and high pH alkaline water will have a lot of tiny little bubbles when it first comes out of your ionizer.

If the water coming out of your water machine doesn’t have them, then it is best to send the ionizer in for a deep cleaning procedure.


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Water Ionizer Cleaning Service

CAD $135.00

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